Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back from the War!

Our 2nd annual trip to "War at the Shore" was another great time. We are already planning our trip for next year. Easter is in Mid April next year...maybe it will be a little warmer!
This is where we spent many hours this weekend. 15 mats, almost 1500 wrestlers. Josh had 20 kids in his bracket and he wrestled hard. He won his first match 6-2 and then his 2nd match he met up with the NJ state champ. He lost that match 4-0 but his 3rd period wrestling was very impressive. I would of liked to see what would have happened if he had 15 more seconds. That was a tough loss, but we were ready to wrestle on Saturday. Josh lost his Saturday match 2-0 and again it is always tough to lose, but we know we have to work hard at practice and get better, because as Josh said...he will be back next year!

What I love about this trip is the families we go with and it is always great to get to socialize with them, have the boys all have fun and of course our Easter egg hunt! It really is great to see the boys having so much fun, and it doesn't really matter who lost , who won or anything, they are all just kids and having fun!

Kordell giving Josh a piggyback ride!
The pile on begins!
How many wrestlers does it take to get Ben!
Our Gang!
The Hunt!

This is our wonderful gang of kids. We have 6 families that hang out together. I am so blessed to have such a great group of parents and kids in my life. Josh is so lucky to have these boys to grow up with. This is what it is all about, these times with families we love.

So today is Easter and I have been informed that Josh knows there is no Easter bunny and he knows that I am the "bunny". At first I was like ....bummed! But then when I realized he really didn't care who was hiding the eggs.....just as long as they were hidden, I realized, he was still going to be a kid....we don't have to panic just because they find out about the little white lies we tell them about fantasy holiday characters. I like how I got thru this all by myself .

Where is the Egg?
Easter 08
The Prize.....Football Cards!

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  1. Happy Easter Rollie! Hope you have a wonderful day!