Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Caveman Drawings found!

I have been doing a bit of volunteering at the school lately, and I happened to go by this in the hallway the other day. I just love it. The wall is very cool and the drawings were very fun. Josh did a great job on his, I love the leopards. Not sure what everything else is, but can't wait till he brings it home and tells me about it.

Here is the little caveman! He had a pajama day at school last week. Of course he sported his new sponge bob square pants pjs! He is getting so tall, I am thinking we will be seeing eye to eye before he reaches double digits! He is so damn cute....I just love him so much!

Here is a new snack I have been having, I love the crunchiness of the triscuts, the sweetness of the apples and or course there is nothing complete without some cheese, I love this garlic and herb spread. This whole plate, 10 pts on WW, but I actually only eat half of it and I am full. so 5 pts and it is a meal! I just finished my 2nd week of WW and I have left 4 lbs behind me. I love the plan and it is making me more aware of what I am eating. I look at the Calories, the Fat and the Fiber of everything now, and not that I don't eat things that I probably shouldn't , but I eat them less often. I balance it now with good and healthy choices, and it is great to be making the right choices.

The new store is going great, I put some great things in last night and this morning. Almost 500 items now. I am about 1/2 way to my goal of items before I open the door, and right on schedule.

Have a great Wednesday, a little rainy here .....great time to go and scrapbook!

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  1. Loving Spongebob Caveman!!! And the snack is a great idea, looks yummy, and I have to praise you for the wonderful job you are doing with the weight watchers. And love the new online store, it's amazing and I know a lot of work, congrats to you!