Wednesday, March 12, 2008

little of this .....little of that....

Today is the first day since the surgery Kate went to work. So it is kind of quiet here at the house. I miss her, even tho she was a little high maintenance! The dogs are back to their routine of sleeping , barking and whining to go out. Josh is in school, hopefully having a great day learning and playing. ( not at the same time tho!)

I have been busy adding items to the new online store, trying to get at least 50 a day uploaded and stay on schedule for opening the doors, or gateway this month. I have had so much great support and people telling me they can't wait till I get it up and running so they can order and see everything I have for them. So the Corner Store is getting ready for all of you excited customers.

Took a couple hours of a break today and did some creating. I am finding balance in my day, even if things don't go according to my list of things that are to happen that day. I am learning to move on and do other things. So today I decided it was time to create something. Had a layout in mind, printed pictures, and also more pictures for about 3 more layouts, and had fun! The results.....

This came out better then the original vision, so that made me happy. Love the colors and all the fun felt. Crackle paint is also some fun stuff to play with.

So now it is time to get back to work and Josh will be home in an hour. Then it is snacks, reading and dinner. No practice tonight so some cuddle time is on the agenda too! Kinda boring today, but boring is good.

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