Monday, March 31, 2008

Wrestling and Mother's Day!

Wow what a weekend! Josh and I headed out to Erie for the Pennsylvania Junior Wrestling State Championships. We went out as spectators and to support the kids we know from our club that qualified! It was also a trip for Josh and I to check out the whole thing, because next year Josh will start trying to qualify for this. They take the top 2 wrestlers from 11 different areas every year. The caliber of wrestling at this level is amazing to watch. We had two kids come back with medals this year and all our other wrestlers did a great job also. We came home with a 3rd place and a 5th place. I was so proud of all our wrestlers and it is so great to see how hard they work and how much they want to be champions. I can only imagine where this is going to take them in life.
This week is a busy one. Kate finally got her walking cast today!!! YIPPEE!!!!

And today is Mom's Day!!! Don't go check your calendar it isn't may yet. But here it is Mother's day. Kate Adopted Josh 4 years ago today on March 31st. Every year we celebrate this as her Mom's day. Josh and I are taking her out to dinner tonight to celebrate. I love the little book I made her for that day, and always cherish that she gets to be his parent legally, even if the laws are down right stupid and ignorant. But that is for another day. It is better then the day he was born and she wasn't allowed to be his parent in the eyes of the law. Progress is all we can hope for! I have high hopes for the generation we are raising right now, a kinder, gentle and more loving generation.

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