Thursday, March 06, 2008

Josh tells me 15 more days.....

Till Spring!!!

Also another conversation,

J: Mom do you know what they say about March ?

M: It comes in like a Lion?

J: And goes out like a lamb!

M: Why do they say that?

J: Because we are in Winter when it starts, and Winter is like a Lion, it is bad and roars and growls.( complete with sound effects) , and at the end we are in Spring, and Spring is like a little lamb, which is gentle , cute and good.

M: Wow that is so cool you know all that!

So in honor of Spring coming I went to Pier I today and splurged on this little #, it is really cute and I am loving it in the house....even if it is dreary outside it makes me smile :)

Now back to my other source of sunshine.....

He loves learning. Last year when he started first grade he was put in the Jump Start Reading program, which was kids that needed a little help to get up to the minimum reading level of first grade. Then this year in 2nd grade, he is in the top reading group, the advanced group of his class with only 3 other children out of 25. He just keeps striving till he conquers things!! He is reading at least an hour a day after school, and if time permits again in the morning!

Today was crazy Hat day to celebrate Dr. Seuss week at school. The kids have earned a pj party at school tomorrow, Josh is very excited. He put in over 15 hours of reading in the past 3 weeks to help his school earn this. I even got him some new pj's to celebrate!

Kate is recouping....alot of pain with this surgery, but I have her on a strict pain killer diet!

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  1. Hey Rollie!!
    How are you? Sorry I missed your call last week. The day you were coming to KOP, I was off. I saw Maria a few days later in the store. So how is life? I've yet to get a chance to get to your online store....$ is VERY tight, and I've actually been good and am using up older products/paper that I have...and Lord knows I have a shitload!
    Josh is getting so big! Natalya is FINALLY potty trained and ready for pre-k this coming fall. Paulina is reading like crazy and doing really well in school. Addison is playing basketball and getting better and better each game. As for me, working, working, working.But I did manage to squeeze in three concerts on one month! Alanis (my hubby got me third row from the stage...amazing...she is simply amazing!)BON other husband..yum! And a new young artist Kate Voegele, saw her at Cafe World Live in Philly. Thats balut it here in Hilltown.
    Take care and hope to see you soon