Thursday, March 27, 2008

Beat it out!!

Yep those are my new friends! Still in the box till I get back on Sunday, but look out next week. I am going to box these pounds off! Josh is excited too, he wants to box with me. I can see afternoon sessions of the ipod blasting and us circling the big red bag. I didn't lose this week but didn't gain either, so for my first month I lost 4 lbs, and my goal was 3! Yeah me.

Josh and I are leaving on our little trip today after school. I am looking forward to spending time with Josh and watching some good wrestling. We are going to Pennsylvania Junior Wrestling State Championships. We know about 7 kids that have made it and we are going out to support them. We are also going because starting next year Josh will try and qualify for this. He wants to be a champion, and will have 3 years to qualify for 10 and under division.

The Store will be opening up on Tuesday April 1st Officially. I am very excited about this. I did a soft opening this week for the girls on the message board, and it is going wonderful. The orders are getting ready to ship! This is a big dream and I am very proud of myself for taking the chance and doing it. It is always scary to take a chance on yourself, but I know I can do this and I am so happy to be doing this for myself. I want to thank everyone for the encouragement and support you have given me. I also want to thank Ruby for helping me stock the shelves in the store. We have over 500 items in the store now and lots more to go! So make the bookmark in your favorites and come shop with us soon.

2 more weeks till Inspired!! I have to get ready for this, but I am excited to get to see Cathy Z again and Ali too!! It is going to be fun to be students with them. BFFs Steph and Kim will be my roomies for the weekend too, just some fun girls to hang with!

So off to pack and get ready for the 6 hour ride to Erie....can't wait to see what I get pictures of this weekend, will share on Monday.

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  1. So much going on for you, congrats on the weight! An ongoing goal for me too! The boxing looks like so much fun, talk about stress relief!

    Gonna check out the store, fun!

    Enjoy your time away!