Monday, March 03, 2008

Words, to live them and not just say them.

I am not a professional writer...or as I call them storytellers. I am just a woman with thoughts that pour out here on this blog. My one little space I come to uninterrupted, to put my thoughts somewhere other then swimming around in my head. It has been a great thing for me to do for over 2 years now. I am still very happy I have done this and will continue to do it.

While talking to a friend today, who recently shut down her blog....I totally understood her reasons, which I then sat there after our conversation and knew I could have the same reasons to shut down my blog too. Without a long drawn out explanation.....there are some pretty cruel people out there, and they sometimes don't think anything about leaving nasty comments on a blog. Negativity that is just not needed in this world. But then I realized again why I actually brought it all back into perspective for me. I blog for me. End of sentence. It is something I stated in one of my first ever post. That this was for me, my one selfish act. Well I might be a bit selfish with my cadbury mini eggs too!

Then I found the vinyl letters I wanted with the saying in the picture. A quote I have always loved. I have to say though, words that have become so much more true and important in recent times then before.

Moments happen so fast. They are something you just can't get back. I had to laugh at Josh today as I was rubbing these letters on the wall, and we were talking. All of a sudden he said, "So Mom, we are having a moment to remember right now, aren't we" He hit the nail on the head, right then I felt the light bulb go off.

What is great is you can remember the moments you want to remember. Ones you don't want to ever forget you try and scrapbook about, or at least I do. There are moments you really want to forget, days even. That is ok too. But don't forget the moments, the everyday moments, the life changing moments, the moments that will be remembered even when you are gone. Remember those moments.

Moments like this one. Actually it was a whole day, but it is the moments of the day that I remember. Josh took 3rd place at the Northwestern Tourney this past weekend. Moments of the weekend.
-Josh fought and wrestled harder then I have ever seen him do , while losing the match 5-4 (his first match of the day), he never gave up and I was never so proud of him.
-Convincing Josh to wrestle hard to wrestle for 3rd place, when all he wanted was 1st place. Telling him that 3rd place was his new first, since he could no longer go for first.
- Watching Josh wrestle his heart out in the next 4 matches, winning every one of them to capture 3rd place.
-Josh getting his trophy and asking me to take his picture with it. Knowing then that he was proud of what he had done.
-Being told by 3 different people they saw a t-shirt for me that said " the only thing tougher then a wrestler , is a wrestler's Mom ! Then on the back of the shirt "Psycho Mom" (If you have ever seen me while Josh is wrestling, you would have no doubt why they wanted to get me that t-shirt) Let's just say I get a little intense.
Equally I will remember the moment today talking to Josh's teacher to find out that Josh is in the highest reading group in 2nd grade. I can't tell you the beam that was coming from me. Josh was in the jump start program, (the lowest) reading group just one year earlier. He just keeps amazing me. Besides the fact he has just been an amazing the past few days, almost angelic like....but shhhhhhhh we don't want to jinx it!
So moments, remember them, document them, don't let them just become days!


  1. hey my friend! I know I've been MIA...lots of family stuff...I'll e-mail you. Anyway, you are a storyteller, you have a lot of insight and deep reflection, I love that about you! Keep it up!! Hugs!

  2. I'm glad you blog...thanks so much for sharing your moments with us : )