Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Inspired.....put into words.

WOW, AMAZING, INSPIRING, LIFE CHANGING.....these are just a few words and some might have to be made up to explain the rest of it.

I got back Sunday morning from a journey that was billed as an event about ART, little did I know it would be not only a journey into art techniques and creating but it was also a journey into who I am as an artist, a person, a womyn. Not sure where all this is going to go....but I don't think it will actually have an ending anyway.

First going on this trip was something I did to reward myself for a hell of a couple years of owning a Retail Scrapbook store. Doing for everyone else, providing the place, the product and the time for others to create in. Realizing after 2 years that I had lost a little of the artist in me while taking care of everything else. I wanted to get back what I had lost. So fast forward to April and the event is very near, I got ready , packed and really had a hard time with going, since my son was going to be wrestling one of his biggest events the same time I would be gone. Feeling I was missing something so important and didn't want to. Knowing he would do just fine, and I would too. Technology is a wonderful thing.....it can keep you in touch so well these days, so armed with the new FLIP Video camera, cell phones and a computer on my end....It would almost be like being there...ALMOST!!!

As you can read from the post he did more then fine, he WON and he now has his sights on Eastern Nationals and believe me I will be there..so will Grandma and Aunt Denise! We are all booked and ready to see Josh wrestle his way thru the brackets.

So back to INSPIRED!

Each class was just as inspiring and wonderful as the next. Each class was so different from the next. Each Teacher had their own twist on art, and we were able to learn from each and everyone of them.

Now comes the part for me that I didn't expect. I really thought about this alot the last few days, how i would describe this event to someone that didn't scrapbook or create....(sad I know, but there are some out there). So I really only could come up with one thing that would put it in a nutshell .

SUPER HEROS!!! That is how I felt after walking away from this event....these are my superheros. These are the woman that have not only so much talent that it is breath taking, these are the woman that will even share it with us...will allow us to be who we are and teach and inspire us to be the artist we are. They are the ones that we look to , that give us courage that ART is going to be ok.....that CREATING is going to be safe. That they will protect our hopes and dreams that this will not die. It is not just a trend to be an Artist!! That there are so many different ones of us, that this is so diverse....no one can destroy it.

Corny, weird, a little out there....yeah perhaps...but I would rather be out there then in a neat little box without my color pencils!

So much more about this event...and I don't think one post will ever capture it all....so as I finish my projects that I started creating I will post them and tell you more about the class and the teacher and how and why I loved each project.
For now I must get back to "real life" Lots of orders to fill for the Corner Store lots of stuff to order to fill up the shelves. All day crop at my house this Saturday , can't wait to see the girls! Also got my 8 new Crop n Style Cubes today, so time to get things organized and get in my studio and create more!!

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  1. thanks for sharing your table with chrissy and me.
    hope you are having a good week.