Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Recap

WOW!!! Yep WOW is all I can say as I look back at the weekend.
It is funny how your opinion of "perfect" can happen when you least
expect it. I would say the weekend was pretty perfect in many ways.

Just a brief recap would include, best friends, Ikea Trip, Watching my
son be honored, more great friends, watching someone appreciate your
work, quiet time, cleaning and purging, watching movies, nice family meal
that Kate cooked...aka....I didn't have to cook.

Now not so "perfect" the 2 hours I have spent on the phone with Delta

So I am going to just bask in the positive and the Delta thing will work out...
not saying I won't be posting more about that on another day!
(thanks Sue, for letting me vent to you on the phone with all the swear words
I could say in a 5 minute span! You're a good friend like that!)
So on to the good stuff!

If I was going to have a daughter or two, I could only hope they would be just like these two little girls! These are two girls that are so near and dear to my heart I couldn't imagine not having them in my life. I can't tell you how great they make me feel, and how Maddie can make my day that she wants to have lunch with me on her day off from school!
This lady beside me is one of my BFF's! She and I talk on the phone almost everyday, we enjoy a pack of new paper as much as a good chocolate! I love that we have time to hang out together, and talk about just everyday stuff, which is the important stuff.
Then it was off to IKEA...where look what I found in Aisle 1!!!
I got a call after Kim had read my blog...." I want to go to IKEA TOO!"
So it was a quick trip but Kim now has her Expedia Shelf up and hopefully
Home to her art supplies! GO Kim!!!

Saturday Evening was the big Wrestlers banquet with all the great little guys getting honored for their accomplishments of the year. Josh was double fisting it with his two trophies. He was awarded MVP for the JV team and also earned MOST TAKEDOWNS with 12 takedowns during the season. He was very proud as were we and the coaches words about him were great. All the boys enjoyed the books I made for them, I even got hugs, and that is a pretty big deal from 11-12 year old boys!! My favorite moment was after the ceremonies were over, there were about a dozen boys still sitting down front looking at the books I had made, as they flipped the pages with smiles on their faces. It brought me back to something one of my favorite people told me..."they really don't care what paper you use, or what embellishment...they just love to see themselves in the books. - Stacy Julian in "Finish Line" class I took.
So I think I just heard the UPS man drive up.....need to go see what goodies have arrived!! I think it may be Sassa Frass Lass :)


  1. Awww... Josh looks like it hasn't sunk in yet that he got 2 awards. Way to go buddy!!

  2. i want to go to ikea too.
    the two of you should have come to the mpls. store.
    just a tad jealous she got that shelf. that's the one i want.

    hope you have a great week.

  3. That picture of Kim cracks me up. Love the books you made for Josh's team - All NINE of them!!! They look awesome.

  4. Truly enjoy reading your blog. I seldom leave a comment, but wanted to share with you that I saw that Ali E posted a link to The Corner Store. You may already know this, but just in case. So cool.

    Congrats to Josh!!


  5. Oh my ass looks so freaking HOT!!!