Friday, April 25, 2008


Oh how wonderful that rolls off the tongue!
I love the excitement of doing a project.
I love the process.
I love being FINISHED!

These are the 9 scrapbooks for the graduating 6th graders from our wrestling team this year. I volunteered to do these, wanting the boys to have something special to take with them. I have gotten to know these boys over the past couple years and will miss them. I have some frames to make tonight, and then the project will be done. I am going to do those for the coaches. I had fun doing this project, but it was a long one. Now I have about 10 sketches in my sketch book that I want to get done in layouts....that always happens when I am working on a project, the mojo starts flowing for other things and I want to do them. I have gotten wiser and instead of trying to remember I will stop and write down my vision or thought, that way I can do it later just the way I pictured it.
Tomorrow night is our Wrestling Banquet and the boys will get their books, the coach also hands out the trophies for the year. Last year we were so proud of Josh for getting the sportsman award his first year, you can check it out here and this year, because I am involved in the plans I found out last night he is receiving the MVP award!!! He is going to be so happy, I think this one will just blow him away. I know he is not expecting this. He was talking about maybe getting most improved or something. He also has another trophy coming for Most Takedowns, which is just amazing in one year going from 1-9 , and this year being 9-1 in league. Amazing , he is just really amazing me.
Last night he went to practice and I was again impressed how much he is working, and working hard. He has just changed so much. There is a saying in sports and he has definitely taken it to heart. " Champions are made in the practice room"
Ok today is a bit busy and fun so need to get going and take that shower before noon today! Off to volunteer at school, then lunch with my buddy Julie and her wonderful girls, Ikea run...and back to school to serve Ice cream for Josh's class ice cream party today.
So here is to a great weekend for all!! Vroooooooooooooooom!


  1. Lunch was yummy and it's on ME next time, thanks. Ballet went well, now to catch up on some laundry and other carp like that, have a great weekend!!!

  2. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Great work on the books. You are amazing how much you do for others and how much you get done. You life is always on the go and fun.
    Enjoy every minute of it you deserve it. Have a great weekeng. Hope to get up sometime this week.

  3. Wow!! What a great job. They look awesome. Congratulations on getting them finished. The coaches are going to love getting those books. Glad I got to see a little bit of them in person.

  4. Those look great, Rollie-I love them all lined up. How did everyone LOVE them??

  5. Anonymous10:06 AM

    That was a HUGE undertaking. They turned out great. Melb.