Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This is ART!

I just love the little things they make at School and you find the goodness as you go thru thier backpacks.
This is what I dreamed about when I was carrying him, these are the little things that makes being a Mom.
These are the little rewards.
This makes me smile, all the way to my toes.
This seperates the good from evil.
This is Art.

Happy Earth day....Do something Kind for and to our earth today. This could even mean doing something as simple as getting your coffee in a mug instead of that paper cup.

I will be voting today, I will vote to honor those woman that made it possible to do so.

I have also opened up comments again on my blog. I am loving life and letting go of fears.


  1. that's great art!
    love kid art.
    frame it and show it off proudly.

  2. I'm still chucklin' over that card! He's too cool!