Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It is important to have a cup to fill.

Last week we celebrated earth day, and I celebrated in many ways, but one was to stop using disposable cups, so of course I had to treat myself to a new cup. I don't really like the tall ones for my coffee. I do love something that actually looks like a coffee mug. Whala I found one!! Complete with a lid, which I should use sometimes even when I am not in the car!! So loving my mug, sipping away, hopes of a great day. Even if the day goes totally wrong, as sometimes happen, these moments my mug and coffee....life is good in this moment.
Ok for anyone that is not a coffee drinker, I know I just lost you!! Those that can appreciate how I just went into a dreamy state of love, you are my people!!

In other news....(always loved that line)! Yesterday Ali my dear friend Ali mentioned the Corner Store on her blog. She is so great for doing this!! I had over 1000 hits yesterday alone just from her post. Thank you my friend, you are an awesome human being that believes in people and what they do. My hope for you is that it always comes back to you ten fold!! Thank you all that have been ordering too!! I promise to get the new stuff up on the shelves next week. I am working on getting the August Event for S.A.V.E. done this week since the event opens on Monday!!! So VERY EXCITED to be bringing in Melodee Langworthy in to teach this time. I can't wait to take a class from her, to get to talk with her and learn. I find her to be an amazing soul even tho we have not met in person.

This weekend, I was cleaning and purging my scrap studio...I hope to show some pictures next week also. (Have you noticed next week is getting busy?) In my cleaning I found I had a few things that I have two of. (How does that happen!!) But it is also a good thing, starting tomorrow I am going to start doing weekly giveaways!!! Wahooooooo! So tune in on Wacky Wednesday and see what is up for grabs. I don't think you will be disappointed. All you will have to do is leave a comment, then Josh will pick one of you at random.

So off to start the day, rainy here but lots to do. First things first....going to breakfast with my friend Sue...since I had to blow her off yesterday for my lovely time with the Delta Agent!!



  1. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Hey...I didn't know that cup came with a lid! I don't like the tall plastic ones either. Does it fit into the cup holders in cars. It looks wide at the bottom.

    Melb...your fellow starbucks addict

  2. Hey Mel!!

    My PEEP :)

    it is too wide for the standard cup holder, but heavy enough I can sit it in the car, it would take a bit to tip it. I just hold it most of the time.
    See ya tomorrow!

  3. Love me some coffee!! Starbucks, WaWa, Dunky DoDo... doesn't really matter whose it is, I will drink it.

    You know me, though - I have to have a pet peeve about everything. With travel mugs, there are 2... I find that handles make them heavy to one side, so they are more likely to spill (at least for clutzy me)...... and I can't stand lids that don't come apart for proper cleaning. The *funk* that can build up in the lid of a travel mug is DISGUSTING!

    Oh, and, *in other news* - I am SOOOO looking forward to SAVE!!!!

  4. That mug is fabu! Is it a new addition to Starbucks?! The fact that it comes with a lid is what's sold me.

    So very cool that our little corner store is gaining such notariety. Way to go, Rollie!

  5. very cool!
    here's to a great rest of the week.