Thursday, April 24, 2008

Things I love....

Ok so that wasn't the first title I came up with today as I was writing this blog post...but the others well besides making me laugh, probably would have been lost in translation. So I went with simple. Unlike my GREAT friend Ruby...... Can't even put into words sometimes what a great lady this is. She doesn't even know yet her full potential, but it is ok since she is in her 20's, and yep I could be her MOM! But she doesn't make me feel that, she makes me feel alive and silly, she makes me laugh and she makes me say "WTF" sometimes too :) Anyone that has come to get to know this lady would agree, you just love to be around her. She is one of the most artistic people I know, if and when she just lets it flow. You can check out her art here . I know my friend is going through some rough days as of late, and losing some faith in the human race, but I just wanted to remind her how special she is, and because of her I have faith in people. Thanks for being human Roobs!!
She is Ruby...... (She wanted me to see her band aid)
So Call , email, or blog about a friend today, it is a GREAT thing to remind people that they are important to you!!
Is there an elephant in the room??? Another great shot I got at the Circus! Damn I love the Circus!!


  1. Sue Hadfield9:18 AM

    What a cool blog. Today is my first visit to it and I loved it. You do such a great job capturing your feelings about life in photos! I was especially glad to see that you enjoyed my "kidnapping" breakfast adventure! It has been so much fun reconnecting with you and I hope that you and I can continue to grow as friends! You are special to me and I hope that you know how much joy your brig to my life (again). Have a super day!

  2. Roobs! I miss and love you!!! Rollie and I were talking about an antiquing day soon!

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  4. argh I cant spell for shit...

    Rollie- you know what you mean to me, and that I love you--I am so glad that we were able to help each other through some tough shit to get to where we are now!!

    Kim--I would love a day of antiquing...and soon...they still have your coat at the the one store...Ilook at it frequently for you :) miss you and love you too!!

  5. This was a great blog. I have only met Ruby once and I have to say she has the power to light up a room. I was and well still are going threw a horrible thing in my life and it was very fresh when i was at the scrapping weekend, and even though Ruby was a stranger to me she made me feel like a friend and listened to me.. Kudos to her and also Trish for they made the weekend even better... =) Hopefully we can all have a drink at the next weekend getaway .. I make a mean punch.