Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Busy Bear here for his last visit

I was at school with Josh's class yesterday and they always do the count of the school days...it was day 152 of school and only 31 more days before they are 1st Graders. Now to the kids ....excitement , a little moaning that there are only 31 more days of school. For a Mom standing there realizing that time seems to be going at lighting speed..it wasn't funny!
I can NOT believe that he is almost thru that first year, it is not long when I am going to have to put him on a bus . I have not thought about this for a while since I found out there was no bussing for Kindergarden and I did the dance of happiness and joy. I was not ready for that bus ride thing. Yeah I know I am in the minority ....but putting my son on that big yellow box , totally out of my control just gives me the hives. I also have these faint memories on how mean some kids were on the bus , and how much I got away with on the bus. Sometimes being the lookout for when the driver would look up in the mirror.
We had Leon, he was a big ole nasty man , always this mean look in the mirror , just scare ya !
So I can't stop hearing about that 31 more days thing. Also I guess it does effect me because I am also trying to get a scrapbook together for the teacher and know I don't have too much longer to do that .
So Busy Bear is in our house for the very last time also , he is a cutie and has visited us about 4 times this year. It is very cute because Josh actually plans and plans for Bear's visit each time. It is usually not a safe place for the bear ...this time he was fighting the Bionicles troop. It is an ever growing army of little lego men. I do love the imagination it creates tho. There is also a book involved where the kids write down and draw a picture of what they did with busy bear. So we are saying goodbye to the bear this morning ...and I am also sitting here watching yet another little thing of his childhood slip away.
I am so thankful that I am journalling his life , and more and more the little things , that are actually very BIG things in his life. The everyday conversations we have are getting more and more attention in my journaling. Not so much about the birthday parties and the sports banquets....but now about those chereished times that I laugh and cry because I love Josh so much .
So grab a $0.50 composition book and start jotting down those little things that they say . I am telling you it is the best ! Sticky post its work great also.
May your world be colorful today !

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