Thursday, March 30, 2006

Music makes me happy!

Music is my saving grace sometimes. Even when things aren't going exactly how you would like them to go I can turn on Jack Johnson and all that can wash away with just a few notes of Banana Pancakes. I highly suggest this cd if you would like to have some great music.
Life is a little crazy right now , trying to "balance" it all again this week.
Donna Downey last week and all the frenzy that goes with that .
Kate recovering from surgery .....she is doing well . One bad night but seems better now.
Running the store and getting ready for S.A.V.E. also , packing up items to take to sell as I vendor the event as well as run the weekend. Thank goodness for some great friends that help me out during these weekends!!

So I will be away for the next 4 days ! Don't miss me too much :) Ok miss me !!

I am sure this weekend will bring great pictures and also some great stories ...but you know "what happens at S.A.V.E. , stays at S.A.V.E." ( but I might leak a few things to you :)
Keep on Scrappin!

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  1. weekend was great and yes we had a great time