Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Baby !

Happy Happy Day Kate!
Josh and I wrote Kate and email this morning after she left and wished her happy birthday on her blackberry too...that was kinda fun . I let Josh type it out and then we got her email back and he was happy . I think in awe of it all but happy. See you tonight dear ! We will celebrate then .

Josh got up at 3 am this morning , I awoke to ....Mom I can't sleep. He cuddled in with me and I think dosed for a bit but has been wide awake since 5 am . Hence so have I . He says everytime he goes to sleep he has bad dreams about the world sinking. So he doesn't want to go to sleep...he is so tired . This is my boy that sleeps till 9 am everyday. So today should prove interesting .

A little funny from yesterday :
Me: Josh grab your baseball stuff , you have a game tonight
J: where is it all
Me: right by the door , Mom packed it all up last night for you .
J: " She is a good woman"

I busted out laughing right then! Couldn't hold it in....not "she is a good mom" no he went right there ..."she is a good woman" !

Now isn't that the cutest darn slugger you ever saw ! Well I think he is :)

He is doing so great playing this year , what a difference a year makes in the eye on the ball scheme. What was amazing me last night is no matter what Josh is doing , he is smiling . Up to bat ....running the bases....catching the ball . There is one constant....that smile !

Keep on smilin !

It is ok!

That is all I needed to see last night and the rest of the day melts away. It is so wonderful to have my own little reminder everyday , that what really matters what is right here in the form of a family. All the other so small in the scheme of things!


  1. Patti9:28 AM


  2. denise sanner10:48 AM

    you are right - he is always smiling. ethan has been talking a lot about death lately - kinda freaky. i am going to scraplift an album idea from cz's book - the things you say. you know - at our advanced age (lol) we won't be able to remember all the cute things they say each day.

    happy birthday to kate too!

  3. Lisa Fitzell12:30 PM

    Happy Birthday Kate! And Rollie - I have never felt anything but love at mlpa!

  4. Laura1:31 PM

    Happy birthday Kate!