Monday, May 08, 2006

One finished , one not ....

Ta da !!! It is finished ! OMG it is so amazing to be able to say that in the Stillings house ! We don't have very much "finished" it has been almost 9 years in this house ...and there has been 9 years of projects. Here is what is going on right now .
- Kitchen needs painting
- Ceilings need to be replaced in the Dining room and computer room.
- paneling needs to be torn down and done in those 2 rooms
- My crop room floor and walls .
Right now this is the big project going on

Yep this is our bedroom .....hahahaha...well what will be once again someday ! Totally gutted , bare to the bone. Now it has insallation and some drywall. Hopefully by the end of this week we can paint the ceiling and then install the pergo flooring next week. Our goal is to be back in by Memorial day weekend. Keep your fingers crossed ! So watch for the finished product sometime in June .
So we are loving our new living room , slash bedroom for now .
Our house is in total disarray , but we hope that once this is done it will be that much closer to being the way we want it. Buying a fixer upper is fun , and also tiring ! But we do get to make it the way we want. But I have to admit somedays I would love to come to a NEW home all done and nothing to do to it.

So in other news I scrapbooked for the first time in a long time this Sunday , Loved spending time with some girlfriends. I had to get the creative juices flowing but once I did the pages came out so good. I plan on doing more creating in the near is part of the balance and we all need balance.

Time to go and get these hairs cut , volunteer at Josh's school and then Tball tonight . So much for a day off LOL !


  1. You go Girl!!! It looks FABU!!!!

  2. Kim Burns1:07 PM

    Excuse me, but you cropped on Saturday night too! Don't we count as girlfriends??? Rolanda, I'm insulted.