Monday, May 22, 2006

Josh just make me so proud!

This is not just for photo ops! This is Josh actually doing one of his chores.
He cleans his own bathroom. I walked by while he was doing this yesterday and just got goosebumps. I am not sure how many 6 year olds actually clean their own bathroom , but when I tell my friends about this they just look at me like ...yeah Right!! , I can't even get my teenager to do that and he does this at 6? .
So I thought about this as I walked by and decided to take a few pictures, if for nothing else have it here when he is a teenager and I could say I have proof you did this ! LOL
So here is to my son Josh, I have to give Kate all the credit for him being so great about his chores. She cleans our bathrooms, I have not cleaned a bathroom in 8 years. Yes it was in the marriage contract ! I actually have to leave when she pulls out the bleach cleaners , I get an instant migraine.

So Josh also sorts his own laundry in colors and whites and brings them to the washer. He is not quite tall enough to run the washer , but wants to . He also feeds the dogs each night and clean his room. That is his list of chores for his allowance. Oh yes and we have added making his own bed. (which at the moment is just pulling up his covers. )

Kate and I are just hoping we are bringing up a responsible boy , without making him grow up too fast. We do let him be a kid ....just a kid who has to do some chores . It is so hard being parents and trying to make sure they have a great childhood with great memories, but also make sure they don't grow into those kids I see disrespecting adults and getting into trouble. I truly feel there is no "perfect" parents or kids. We just have to try and do our best to balance it all . Some days you just feel like you are barely keeping your head above water , and other days you feel like you are floating on a lounge chair with a big tall fruity drink ! Hope you are having a fruity drink day !!


  1. your blog stalker denise3:33 PM

    gosh josh is better than me . . .some days i don't even pull up the covers . . .lol . . .and the bathrooms . . . i left that one out of the marriage contract so it usually goes undone . . . just kidding . . .although i really need to be "in the mood" you know what I mean? kinda like today . . .except for all of a sudden i feel like a nap . . . better get back at it so i can justify an escape to mlpa tomorrow.

  2. I think that it is awesome that Josh has chores! Shayne has things he needs to do (clean his room, clean his play room and put his laundry in the bathroom) and they have to be done before he can help mom and earn money! He loves to earn the extra money! We call them his jobs...if he does extra jobs...which he doesn't have to do, earns a quarter per job...the last time he saved $20...I was so impressed at 4 he knew what he wanted to save for and saved $20.
    It is so true it is a balancing act and some would say chores at 6 is to tough, but if you want them to be responsible teens and adults, they have to be responsible for some thing...
    I love that you let him be a kid...a kid with chores...Kudos to you and Kate!

    You are right...there are so many kids without manners and are disrespectful...believe sons aren't perfect, but we work hard to make sure they understand right and wrong, use manners and are respectful...that does mean they get it right all the time, but part of learning and growing is making kids and as parents!!! As a parent we need to remember there is no school for this and we will make mistakes too!

    You are right...some times it is all you can do to tread water and other is so clear why you do what you do as a parent...I try to remember that those days where I am struggling to tread water and stay breathing makes those fruity drink days so much sweeter! If everything was fruity drinks, we never really enjoy them!

    Or at least that how I get through!