Saturday, May 20, 2006

Wow would think I had nothing to say !

I haven't posted since Monday ! That is just amazing ...I didn't realize it had been that long.
Well let me tell you , it is not for lack of wanting to sit down sipping a nice cup of Java and telling you the random thoughts in my head! Cause believe me if that was one of my choices this week , I would have taken it !

Instead ....It started again with spackling , painting , more spackling , organizing the mess at the house , cleaning , opening and closing the store , baseball , and being very tired.
Oh and to top it off ...this !

Meet 80 gals of a monster! This hot water heater and I spent 6 hours together on Thursday . That is 6 hours ....
I can't even find 6 hours to crop !
I can't even find 6 hours to spend with my family !
I can't even find 6 hours to sleep some nights !
But I had to find 6 hours to put this in , or there would be no hot water .
It simply amazes me how we find the time to do the things we HAVE to do , but it is so hard to fit in the things we WANT to do . Sometimes that seems a bit unfair.
But we have to have hot water ...or I think it may get a bit stinky around here. So when we found out it would cost us $300.00 to install a hot water heater ....I of course said NO WAY am I paying someone to do that for that hard can it be ? Two pipes and some electric. After a few trips to Lowe's and then one to Willie's Plumbing...a few choice words and alot of wrenches....we have hot water again !!
Now onward to the bedroom , which we have made alot of progress in . I will post pics hopefully tommorrow .
Lots more thoughts in here just waiting to jump out ..but that is it for now ...Movie Time ! Going to go watch Brokeback mountain . Night !


  1. denise8:22 PM

    thank you

  2. jocelyn7:56 AM

    Rollie, you are my hero! I thought I was handy, but I don't think I would attempt a hot water heater. I'm very intimidated by the whole gas line thing.