Friday, May 26, 2006

One room complete!

So this is it room finished ! Josh got his new bed this past week and he is loving his new room. We got the Robin bed at IKEA ...gotta love IKEA! It is so great in his room , being 10x12 the space is a factor.
This bed , closet and desk in one space is the perfect fit.

Josh is just loving getting to climb up a ladder every night to bed. He said last night " Thanks Mom , I love my new room"

That is all it takes to make it all worth while. He helped me clean up his room and purge some toys last night. He was cute deciding what to keep and what to let go of. We made piles to give away , throw away and keep.

This one Josh asked me to take with his shelves of trophies and bionicles he is so proud of. I did love it as we were cleaning he said he wanted to keep his mouse ears!

We just need to put his computer in his room ( not connected to the internet ) One room complete is a great feeling!

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