Thursday, May 11, 2006

How much more can you love him ...

That is the look of concentration. That is the look of a six year old paying attention to the task at hand. Looks to me like a kid who means business!

Now where is this one when he is not on the baseball field? Well the past 3 nights , mostly in his bedroom....GROUNDED!!!

Oh vey !! Is all I can say . The sweetest boy in the whole universe is fighting authority tooth and nail...and authority being both his Moms .

So we have gone the route of alot of pioneering parents before us and tried to strip him of everything he loves. You know the list ...the Nintendo....the T.V. ....Money . Basically being a part of the human world except for School. Nothing seems to work . The next day after it is over he does something else that just doesn't make sense. It is so hard to watch him make the same mistakes over again . My BIGGEST fear...well the one after not living long enough to watch Josh grow up having someone kidnap him , take him from me . I keep both eyes on him at all times , but two days this week he left the store ( once to play with his pal ) then today to play with his other pal Dot . I watched him walk out the door and I knew he was with Dot , but still he had just been grounded 2 days before for the same thing !!!! ARGH!!! why was he doing this again , didn't he see how important it was to NEVER do that again !!!

So once again he spent the day and evening grounded ! I had to laugh at one point tho , he looked up at me as he sat in the office and said I am hungry mom I allowed to eat ? is ok ...breathe. Yep thats what I kept telling myself and it did get me thru the day .

So I pick him up from school and he starts talking to me . I just ignored his questions , he kept asking over and over again .

Finally he says " Mom , are you going to answer me ?"

M: ..."I am not listening to you, how do you like that ?"

J:" I don't like it at all "

M: " That is how it feels when you don't listen to me"

J: " Ok , so are you going to listen to me now ?"

Breathe ...just breathe....

Tonight :

Kate comes back after putting Josh to bed ....

K: I have a message for you from Josh ....

Josh says to tell you , You are the best mom in the whole world

Now what are you suppose to do with that , when you are sitting there not feeling at all like a great mom , trying to figure out how to teach your son what he needs to know to keep him safe and how to listen , and other things that he needs to learn.

I know ....breathe...breathe....breathe ....and just love him that much more tomorrow !

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  1. denise6:56 AM

    rollie - on sunday you get to glow in the fact that you are a mom to a very special young man. i've been there before and am there now again too and often wonder the same thing as you - why don't they get it? but there is NOTHING sweeter than an "i love you" from you little guy. NOTHING - and it is unconditional.