Thursday, October 11, 2007

hanging with my little man

Life doesn't get any better then that.
I am going to do more and more of this every day!
I was talking to my friend Julie and she was having the same thoughts yesterday, as I called and she was getting her play car filled up with gas from her daughter Sydney. I admire Julie as a mom, she loves her two little girls so much, and she knows how important every precious minute you get with them is. It isn't always easy to make those choices, and sometimes you catch yourself saying "Mommy is busy", those are the times I realize that other things can wait. Playing with them is so important. I often think of that song that has the line in it "your boy, he is just like you " It is such a sad song....yep "Cats in the Cradle" but so true.
I am going through some life redirection, as my dear friend Ali would say. I love the direction it is going. It is never too late to change direction. I am just glad I had the courage to do this. To admit to myself that I needed to change. That is a hard one. We are all so quick to tell others what to do, it is not the easiest thing to tell oneself what you need to do.
So right now I need to tell myself to get off the computer and get to Target!! Ok self lets go!

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  1. Rollie, you made me cry. That was so kind of you to mention me in your blog and that you really think I'm a good Mom. I need to spend more quality time with my girls too and I also find myself saying "I'm busy" and I need to step back and make them number 1. Thanks for the kind words and my own redirection.