Monday, October 22, 2007

Sadly it is the end.

T O U C H D O W N !!!!

Of our wonderful football season!

This has been a truly amazing journey.

Seems silly to some of you I would imagine, that you can get so caught up in 7 year old boys running around with a ball. But it is so much more then that.

Just to be apart of great people, to be a part of watching wonderful men taking a silly game and turning it into life lessons. To watch these roll models be a part of your sons life. That is what is amazing.

We had an undefeated season...9-0-1 tie. Yesterday's game was 12-12 and it was nothing but thrilling the whole time. Our warriors fought the good fight and should know how proud we were of them.
Josh made some amazing Tackles...he got his 9th touchdown and I know it is a season he will never forget, partly because I will scrapbook the moments.
Today Kate has her 3rd foot surgery, heading out to the hospital soon, she is in Philly this time and I hope this one works. It is no fun watching your partner in pain daily.
Great things going on in the building of the new online store for S.A.V.E. I am so blessed to have a core of great woman helping me get that going...I hear them talking html's and I just tune out!
Ok time for a starbucks and more Iphone!


  1. Rollie,
    Great football pictures of Josh as usual. I hope everything goes well for Kate today with her surgery. D

  2. Hi Rollie,
    Great football pictures of Josh as usual. I hope everything goes well with Kate's surgery today. D

  3. I knew it! I knew you just heard wha,wha...wha,wha..wha....

    you were just nodding you head to get to the pumpkin latte! :)

    thanks for a fun time saturday night, I am still trying to explain the cake and pony to Patrick! me

  4. Thinking of kate, you, and her doctors today--and for a speedy recovery.

  5. Wishing Kate the best. I hope her surgery goes well. I have so loved seeing all of Josh's football photos. I will miss the highlight updates.

  6. Wishing Kate all the best. I hope her surgery goes well. I will certainly miss all of Josh's football highlights. I have really enjoyed seeing all the photos and reading about his games.