Friday, October 19, 2007

In Life

In Life,
only one thing is certain,
apart from death and taxes.
No matter how hard you try,
No matter how good your intentions
You are going to make mistakes
You are going to hurt people
you are going to get hurt
and if you ever want to recover,
there is really only one thing you can say

"I forgive you"

Opening lines of Grey's Anatomy last night. I replayed it many times. They have great writers on this show. No matter how much you hate Merideth, or you can't stand how some of the show is not real. This show hits the core of human relationships sometimes.

Last night was one of those. The opening monologue was very true, raw and hit home. Reminds me once again that we are all human. It is hard to believe but everyone needs that reminder once in a while, some more then others.

It has been a life redirecting month for me. I had to say goodbye to alot. But in the same time I am saying hello to a great life again. You don't realize things till you can step back and look it all over, life is really good, and forgiving is one of the main keys to being able to enjoy life. Some seem to think they need to hear "I am sorry" to forgive, but in reality, you just need to forgive.

Speaking of good....

It felt good to spoil myself! I have been saving for this and got it yesterday!! I am having fun learning all about it.

Grandpa should be here today, Josh is one very excited little boy.

I have a clean scrap room, and am going to get paint all up in my manicure today, as Kristi would say!
We have had a Paint challenge up on my new message board all week and today I am going to get my project done!


  1. So true!

    Enjoy your new toy and have some fun painting!

  2. And forgiving, at least for me, always feels good.

    Enjoy your iphone! It takes a little getting used to. I love mine.


  3. Beautiful words, well said. If only everyone could learn forgiveness, the world would be a better place. Have fun w/ your toy!!! (I'm jealous!)