Thursday, October 25, 2007

Where in the world is Rollie.......

Oh I feel like that too!! I miss my blog time!
But I have been buried by boxes, the UPS man leaves treats for the dogs, how sweet is that!

I have been CREATING again!!! Oh how I missed that!!!

I have been spending WONDERFUL time with my family, and friends!!!

I have been just drinking in all the great things in life, and loving it!!!

Lunches, starbucks meetings, talks on the phone, and lots of hugs!

Ok so that is all the GOOD stuff!!!

The crazy stuff is home remodeling....4 new windows installed, now there is caulking and painting and patching of drywall. The floor is fixed so I can now Pergo it in the living room. Lots of heavy furniture to move so I can do that.
Contractor coming Sunday to give estimate on the other two rooms, I can not wait till these rooms are done!!! We have been working so hard for 10 years in this house, doing it all ourselves. Now I am actually going to hire someone to finish the last two rooms! It will be nice to get it done.
Next onto S.A.V.E.
Oh where to begin. This little dream that started 4 years ago is about to grow in leaps and bounds!!! It was a weekend retreat company, originally doing about 4 times a year, then it went to 3 times, then to 2 times....mostly because of taking on the business of a retail store, and time just didn't let me do everything.
NOW since I have time to put all my efforts into S.A.V.E., I am expanding this little dream. Along with some GREAT Ladies, we are brainstorming this into a great network of Empowering woman, Inspiring woman and Breathing life back into this wonderful hobby we call Scrapbooking.
I can't tell you everything just yet.
But if you would like to come and visit us at our NEW messageboard , please do.
All announcements will be there first. The first part is well underway already. Our NEW Corner Store!!! Soon to be the best little corner store on the Internet. Right now you can order thru the message board by email or private message to me.
I have been really excited by the response!
Orders are piling up in my studio.
Soon we will unveil our Online Store, it might be a few weeks as my web designers are talking HTML and codes and things I just nod my head at. I trust in them to make it look beautiful and they are going to make it so easy to shop your days and nights away! I will keep you up to date on everything going on! I am so excited I am giddy about this.

I want to give a BIG shout out to all that have just surrounded me the past month, either thru your emails, your phonecalls, or our face to face meetings, your hugs, well wishes and support thru a very hard time in my life has been ......just so amazing to me. You have listened to me, you have held me and you have let me cry , laugh or joke with you. I hope I have expressed to each of you how much that has meant to me. Please know that with you and your support, I was able to look forward, find the positive and hopefully do it all justice in the very near future.
I have a little quote,a friend gave me one time, that at the time....I didn't really want to look at.....but now it is one that I hold dear to me.

“Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.”

Thanks everyone that comes and reads my words. I don't always know who is here, but that doesn't matter. It only matters that you want to come here.

So here is a little something I did the other day. It is a card kit from Basicgrey with their new Figgy Pudding line. A great item we sell at the corner store!


  1. Love those cards Rollie!

  2. Great projects!!!! Good for you for taking time to yourself! I did the same this week, and feel so rejuvenated! The inspiration circle keeps a rollin'!