Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday, Sunday ....Sunday

Yep that's what my calendar says.

Another thrilling football game today! 36-30.........and we WON!!!!

Oh these boys again did it. They just don't cease to amaze us. The score went back and forth and back and forth the whole game.

Then we had 8 secs left and our wonderful Coach Rick calls a play that we only ran ONCE in practice last week. Trainwreck right !!!!

It all seemed to play in slow motion and then you just hear the crowd cheering YEAH!!!! It was just so wonderful. 9-0 !!!

One more to week we will play the most physical team all year. Abington Raiders!

Josh is so excited because his Grandpa is coming up from Texas this week to watch him play on Sunday too...he said he is saving the best for last , for grandpa.
Josh scored another touchdown today, and he read his blocks so well and cut it up the middle. It is just something you can't teach at 7 !
On other news, I think I over did it a bit this weekend with all the volunteer work, I am not feeling so great right now. I have those ache, feverish yucks! But I am going to try and get some sleep and rest tomorrow. I have pushing myself alot lately and just need to relax a bit.
This is going to be a tough week , and a great week. Life re directional week. I am very excited for what is ahead, and very glad to put some things very far behind me.


  1. egads- I hope I didn't give you the icks that I have had..

  2. No worries Ruby, I am feeling better today!

    Off to Starbucks for a coffee date :)

  3. Glad to hear Josh is having an incredible football season - Enjoy!