Monday, October 29, 2007

Tis the season....

For love in your cup! It is Peppermint Mocha Season!!!
It was like finding treasure as I found the creamer in the dairy case.....they
don't put it with all the other creamers, it is in its on special case!!

Ok now working from home, I am drinking way too much coffee!!!
Just wanted to get that out there.

Very busy weekend, did some deliveries for the Corner store, saw some friends
that I missed dearly. Glad I got to meet up with them!

Very exhausted, it has been a long week. Kate is recovering from surgery and today
had a bit of a set back. Being on blood thinners, she got a nose bleed that wouldn't stop
today, so it was back to the doctors....hopefully it is under control now. It is going to be
a long 6 weeks being non weight barring on her foot. You don't know how much another
person does till they can't do it anymore. I love her so much, we will get thru this too.

GOOD NEWS!!! The contractor starts on Friday to finish the last two rooms in the house that need drywall. They will do the dining room /computer room. It is going to be so nice to have things finally finished! It has been 10 years and Kate and I have been doing our house room by room. We have done 90% of the work ourselves and it is a long process. Now it is just a matter of time, time we just don't have to spend on doing the house. So we decided to have it done by a contractor and get it done. So by Thanksgiving we should be about done and it will be a great feeling to have people over and not have things in construction as usual! Look out for the Holiday party this year will be fun!!

So I have a lot to do over the next few days, packing up things so they can start demolition on Friday.


  1. I may have to give that creamer a shot! I'm not one for minty, but I need to find a replacement for my fave, Creme Brulee, which is now gone again!! wahhhh!! LOL

  2. Ever since I've been home the coffee pot has constantly been on! What's with that?! I've been drinking it like it's going out of style!

    And Rachael...I miss Creme Brulee too : (