Monday, May 12, 2008

weekend warriors, gardens and it is MONDAY!

Here are the weekend warriors, Ben and Josh adorning their Regional Qualifier Medals for Freestyle Wrestling. Ben is an awesome little man, he has coached Josh and helped him on and off the mat to become a better wrestler. I am so glad that Josh has someone like Ben in his life.

Ben is 4 years older then Josh to spite they are about the same size. He has 2 great moms and we love that these two boys have one another, I hope their friendship continues to grow.
This is "show me the love" Shot!!, or "I could so throw you" Shot.
Then it was back home after a great lunch with Ben, Lynette and Nancy. Kate and Josh started planting our annual Moms day garden. I loved watching him dig and place the flowers in just the right place. It turned out beautiful and I love watching it grow. I say it every year, but I just love and hope that Josh continues with this tradition every year. It is something I look very forward to.
Josh even picked up a worm today. BIG DEAL for him, mister scared of anything that craws or squirms or buzzes.
This was the project I did with Josh's class on Friday. I hope all the Moms enjoyed them.
So it is Monday, time to get this week started! I enjoyed the weekend so much, Josh was on his best behavior and he made Mom's day special for both Kate and I. Today it is time to work on organization. That is my word for the week! I have a plan, a list and I hope to cross this list off by the end of the week. My reward if I do.....American Idol for the Wii !!! Yep I actually wrote that out loud!! So here I go..............................!

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  1. Congrats Josh!
    Gardening is wonderful isn't it. What a good feeling and great way to get "grounded".
    O love, love, love the project you did with Josh's class.