Sunday, May 11, 2008

Why I celebrate today.

This is my reason.
These are my reasons.
I did this layout on Friday night and I just love how it came together. When I had thought about this picture and the layout I would do with it, it wasn't this vision. That is one thing I love about the craft of scrapbooking, you never know which direction some paper and glue will take you.
This was a photo of Josh and I that Kate took on the train ride back from NYC this winter. I love what she caught in this photo. I had alot of journaling in mind for this photo, but this title said it all to me in the end.
I feel very connected to my son. He and I are pals, fierce as it may be sometimes. But I feel we also have the balance of Mom and Son too. It is a fine line. Love is almost a given between a Mom and a son, but like is even more special. I love that Josh and I share the competitiveness gene we have. It isn't always smiles and laughs....but it also is an amazing thing to see your son strive to be #1 all the time. I love his drive, his ambition and hi determination in all things. It is something that makes him a hero to me and at his young age I admire him and what he will accomplish in life with these tools.
I love that I get to celebrate this day as his Mom, I love that he is the reason.

Happy Mom's day to everyone that gets to experience their own miracles everyday. Four legged included!!


  1. great layout!
    thanks for playing along!
    hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. what a sweet shot! it's such a cute, 'boyish' page!

  3. Great layout - looks even better in person! Happy Mother's Day! How did Josh do at wrestling yesterday?

    Oh, and thanks for the tribute to us mom's of furbabies ;)

  4. gorgeous layout!!
    great photo and I love your words behind it.
    Hope you had a wonderful mothers day!

  5. I love it, Rollie!! The title/pic combo is just perfect!


  6. Anonymous8:59 AM

    i love this layout and the title really does say it all.

  7. Anonymous9:00 AM

    This LO and photo are beautiful. :)