Monday, May 05, 2008

You got alot of esplaining to do!!

That is how I am feeling right now!! I have had several calls today, Hey Kim B.!!
Several Emails, some text messages and all because people wanted to know how Josh
did this weekend. I felt bad that I hadn't blogged when we got home so you would all
know, but wow was I exhausted! I am not sure if I was more physically exhausted or
mentally, emotionally drained. (sounds like I am the one that wrestled!) It is hard to
explain, but unless you are a sports Mom I don't think any amount of explaining would
make sense. I think sometimes it would be easier to get out there and wrestle myself,
then watch your little boy have to do it sometimes. So where to begin.....the beginning of
So that starts with Friday morning and Race for Education. I want to thank all the people
that supported Josh with donations this year , again for some of you. He again ran the most
laps for his grade, and I believe is very close to bringing in the most donations. You all
amaze me every year with your generosity. So from Josh, Kate and I...thank you for supporting
this cause, as it brings in so much for the kids thru out the year. We have a great school and
alot has to do with this fundraiser.

Josh is always happy to be running, he loves to run. I think we will look into more fun runs this summer, he did about 6 miles on Friday in an hour.
Punches in his card for each lap!
Usually I would do a whole post for Kate's birthday, but this time it will have to be a part of this long 3 part post. We will do more celebrating when we take the Limo of Friends to A.C. this summer! Then again when we go to Alaska!! I will sing you Happy Birthday all the way down the Zip Line!! Happy 5th Sweetie, hope to celebrate 50 more with you! We did take time out this weekend and celebrate Kate's birthday in the lobby. We had Cake and some fun candles that wouldn't blow out. Note to self, don't get in the elevator with Candles lit!!! Alarm will sound!
Ok now I know some of you are waiting for the Wrestling Report. Well JOSH PLACED 3rD!!!!
As you can see he was a happy camper! Josh wrestled Saturday and won both matches. That put him into the Championship Rounds for Sunday. This tourney started back in March where over 10,000 wrestlers start to try and qualify for Eastern Nationals. First with Districts, then Regionals, then about 1400 wrestlers make it to Eastern Nationals on Saturday, by Saturday night that gets cut in half and about 700 wrestlers get to come back on Sunday and wrestle. Josh was one of those 700. By Sunday afternoon, 8 wrestlers in each division get to come back on the mat for the final round and wrestle for the top 8 places. Josh was one of those. He wrestled his last match for 3rd and 4th Place. He won 7-0!!!

Josh won both matches on Saturday to place him in the Semi finals on Sunday. Sunday morning I knew he wasn't himself. I realized that Josh was feeling the first case of "nerves" I have ever seen him get. I didn't think about it, but this was his first MAJOR tourney were he got to wrestle for the championship on the 2nd day. I think it started to hit him. Well hit him it did. When they called his bout # and we started down to the mat, he looked up to me and said "Mom, I feel like I am going to throw up" Seeing the trash can about 10 feet away, I pointed and he ran! After tossing his cookies, he put both arms up, fist pumping..." I feel better now!" that usual smile was back and he was now ready to wrestle! He got on that mat and he wrestled hard. He lost that match 4-0 , against the boy that would eventually win the tourney. I was so proud of him, he fought hard, and he did well. After that match Josh would wrestle again in order to stay in the tourney and go for 3rd place. He won the next match and went on to win 3rd place in the final round. We were all so proud of him, he wrestled well, but most importantly he was a champion in so many ways this weekend.

One of the best parts of the whole weekend was shown in this shot

These are the boys Josh did battle with this weekend. That sweet boy in the middle became fast friends with Josh. Joesph and Josh exchanged emails and will be playing webkins together in the near future. That is what I love about this sport. Josh is making buddies for life here. They battle on the mat, walk off and are friends. They were all high 5ing and wishing each other luck in each match. It truly brought tears to my eyes.

It was an overwhelming weekend in allot of ways, lots of emotion and lots of great, great memories that will not be soon forgotten. Special thanks to Aunt Neesie and Grandma for coming and supporting and being a part of this great weekend!


  1. Lots of good stuff here. The pics of Josh are awesome and will be fun to scrap. The picture of Kate behind Josh is really good. She looks sincerely happy! Congrats to all!

  2. Lisa M. Pace9:00 AM

    Happy Birthday Kate and YAY JOSH!

    What a wonderful post. I am so proud of Josh and his accomplishments. I had a nervous stomach just reading about his tournament weekend. I cannot imagine sitting and having to watch. I think I would need that trash can near my seat.

  3. Wow!! What a wonderful experience and accomplishment for all of you. I am not a sports mom but I could feel the excitement of the whole weekend! Congratulations!!