Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fun Day!

Ok so today I have decided to make it FUN DAY! Yep I can do that.
When you are working from home you tend to work more then the normal 8 hour day.
You don't always take weekends off, you grab time whenever you can and some days you put in
10 to 15 hours without realizing it. Then every once in a while you need to take a day and do what you want to do. Today is that day!
So what do you do on your fun day?
I want to go no where.
I want to scrapbook, blog read, catch up on favorite shows and make myself lunch and enjoy each bite.
So that is what I am doing.
Now in that outline there are so many great little treasures found.
While reading my favorite blogs I found this great little treasure over at Vee's blog I found this on her sidebar and I of course downloaded it and started playing and 15 minutes later I had

I have pictures I have not scrapbooked yet because I wanted to do this to them. I love highlighting just a splash of color in some of the photos. I will probably be a little obsessive about doing this for a while. Hey at least I am admitting that right from the start!
So now I am going to take this photo and print it and scrapbook it all today! HA!

Also in my Blog catch up I of course visited Ali's blog and she got me to click here and buy almost everything in the store!!
I have to rest now, as too much stimulation in one day will exhaust me! I think my stuffed green peppers are done so lunch is ready!!

Hey if you have any other great finds, please share them here in comments. I will recover from these soon.

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