Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday and Full of it!! Classes, Eye Spy , and Soul


This is going to be a blog and a half, got lots that have been happening.

So first off, I have been meaning to post about this for a while, but now that it is "REAL" and I know it is happening I feel it is safe to post.

Melodee Langworthy is coming to S.A.V.E. at Split Rock Resort on August 21-24!!!!
I am so excited that she is coming to teach and share her talents with us. I personally can not wait to take all her classes!

She will be teaching 3 different workshops both on Friday and Saturday. You do not have to attend the Crop to take the workshops, altho it is a great Crop for the summer. Each Person gets 3 or 4 days, hotel room, Meal vouchers where you can eat at the 4 different restaurants at the Resort, including the Club house on the weekend. Oh and did I get an 8 FOOT Table all to yourself......not that any of us bring that much stuff to a crop!!! HA HA ( ok made myself laugh!)
So you can sign up for her workshops here, or for the Weekend here, The Pieces of Me
and the Travel Album
are pictured now. The Christmas Album will be up soon. Melodee is working on a whole new project to be taught at S.A.V.E. first! The Christmas Album will be offered at 7 PM on Friday and Saturday. Cost has not been determined yet.
So that is my plug of the day! It really is going to be a great weekend to end the summer, get some great pages done, or some wonderful mini albums done too. If you come for just the classes, I will have some table space for you to have between classes to finish up or crop. If you have any other questions please just email me at .
I also have been watching this site, and wanted to play along. So this week I took the plunge!

It is a great site and I love the concept! It got me to go and grab my camera on the hunt for Circles!!! This is a champagne class we have and using my handy dandy new tool Magic Splash I love how it came out!

Now for the Soul Part....Last night we got invited to go see the Philadelphia Soul, the AFL Football team. We have never got to one of their games and I have to is FOOTBALL in your almost feel like you are playing on the field. The seats are right down to the sideline, there is no out of bounds, actually your seats are the out of bounds. At any given moment there could be a football thrown at you! We were in the 5th row, and yep there was a football thrown right in front of us. The Kids before the game, all watching.
What is she smiling about???
Close to the action!
Football in your face!!

So if you made it this far....It is time to head into the weekend, with yard work, pool work, wrestling and ending with great BBQ ribs, shrimp and good, GREAT friends! Hope your weekend is filled with Great Memories!!


  1. I can't wait to take the peices of me class-every time i look at it now I get so exciiiited!
    Looks like the football game was a blast!
    Have a funa nd safe weekend- hopefully I will see you on sunday!

  2. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Okay, so that pic of Kate is priceless...made me laugh more than anything.

    Gawd, I so want to caption that one....

  3. HA HA HA....yeah I had whole pages already done in my head when I saw her smiling! Those Dimples was one of the titles!

  4. Great blog - looks like you are one busy lady!
    Love that magic splash trick on the glass.

    Also, kudos to you on doing the green thing. I really need to be more aware and conscientious about it myself.

  5. what a great photo Rollie!
    thanks for playing along with us...looking forward to seeing more of your captures.

  6. Love the pictures and the class sounds so fun. I've never taking a scrapbooking class and now I'm tempted. I'm a huge fan of local sports and you guys were lucky to have such great seats. We have a farmer baseball team were I live and I have yet to see a game, but I will. Thanks for sharing all of your goodies and have a fab Memorial Day Weekend.

  7. great spy photo.
    (and the other ones)

    happy spying!