Sunday, May 18, 2008

Loving life in a small town!

That was only the half of it! We had such a great time yesterday!

There is just nothing like a nice sunny day, great food, good music,

and wonderful friends! That was what yesterday was.

Found out thru our friend Mike that there was a Rib cookoff and Jazz festival down in Perkasie, so we decided it would be a great way to spend an afternoon. I put it out there to friends and they were all for it too. So I headed down about 10 am and got us all tickets for the sampling. The tickets were sold out before noon and the sampling started at 12:30. Glad I got us tickets because they were some GOOD EATS!! Our friend Mike won 3rd place in the Judging by the professional judges, there were 15 contestants and then he WON the People's Choice Award!!! That is where we all got to vote for our favorite ribs. It was so very cool and Mike was just beaming! I have never met a man that enjoys cooking more then this guy. We have been there to break bread with his family and I will tell you, Josh will only eat Coach Mike's chili! Whenever there is chili offered he will say "does it taste like Coach Mike's?" So CONGRATS Mike!!!
I was loving the colors in this ride. Jut an old fashion barrel train ride for the little ones.
Josh conquered the top of the rock wall, 3 times! He is a little dare devil when it comes to sports.
Then what do you do to end a perfect day? Why Fun Oreo's of course!! Oh I just didn't think an oreo could get any better till I tasted a Fun Oreo. Take an Oreo and dip it in Funnel Cake batter and fry it....yep might have knocked a few more minutes off my life, but those minutes of eating that little piece of heaven, I would say was well worth it.

So I will mark this as an excellent day, and move on to today. Which hasn't started too bad since I have got a wonderful cup of coffee and we have no LIST today :) I do have my eye on the new The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian movie, but first I am going to enjoy the sips of my coffee!!

Speaking of I spy with my little eye....
There is a great little site you can play Eye Spy on, just go here and play along! This week it was flowers.


  1. looks like an awesome day!!
    and great spy on the flowers too - glad you played along :)

  2. what an awesome day! that train ride looks awesome, i see what you mean about the colors too.

    those random days always seem to be the best!

  3. Of course we didn't end up going down to this- did a lot around the house though, so not a wasted day! Glad you guys had an awesome time!


  4. very pretty!
    happy spying!