Monday, May 19, 2008

It is getting better!

Yes my week of organization worked!!
It is so great to make a goal and stick with it.
Keep going even when you don't think it can be done.
Take distractions in stride, and keep your eye on the prize!
One big WOOT! WOOT! for me :)
I have been trying to add ways I can be a kinder person to earth, and I have the greatest intentions all the time, but my pursuit has been less then great. So since Green day I picked a few things I could really concentrate on and do them really really well.
One was not having anymore to go coffee from Starbucks unless it was in my "cup" no more paper cups. I even passed by Starbucks the other day, because I had left my cup at home. Oh it was so hard, but I did it. It felt good to stick to my convictions. WOOT!

Second, I have these grocery bags, and again intentions WONDERFUL, remembering to put them in the car so I have them when I go shopping.....not so wonderful!
So I am so happy that I did remember, I did my shopping and I did use my cloth bags!! WOOT!
Third.....Last week I wanted to get things more organized, and even tho so much got in the way, the to do list had lots of other things on it...I did get things done! It was such a great BALANCED week. It felt so good. I really feel like I turned a corner last week. I feel like I came out of the muck I have been wallowing in and started to get on more solid ground.
The Results....
Josh's clothes are purged, organized and put away.
I got to scrapbook an amazing page.
I can breathe in my scrap studio, and so can my creativity.
The dining room table is not a dumping site, you can see the table.
Inventory for the Corner Store has made great progress.
I made doctor's appts. that were long overdue.
Our Alaska trip is in the final stages... 35 days to go!!!
I had more time to spend with Josh, it was amazing how much.
So this week the word is....FINISHING!
I want to finish many things this week.
I want to get the items into the Corner Store that are in stock.
I want to get the excursions for our trip booked.
I want to create layouts that are sitting here half done.
I want to get the rest of Josh's room cleaned up.
That is only a partial listing, but I think trying to do everything is part of my problem that puts me in the "muck".
So here we go....another Monday to start the week.......what will you do with it?

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