Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Car conversation

Josh: Mom, I want to work hard enough to get a Gold Medal

Mom: That is a great goal

Josh: Do they have them for Kids?

Mom: Not for wrestling, but you could work for State champion till then.

Josh: Then that is what I am going to do.

I had to run out this morning but wanted to get that part written down.
Josh was at wrestling camp and Bobby Weaver the Olympic Gold medalist in 1984 Olympics was there teaching. Josh has been in the Weaver Elite training camp since May and just loves it.
Well on this day Mr. Weaver had brought the DVD of his Olympic Gold match and they showed it to the kids at lunch time. It had quite an impact on Josh, as per our car conversation.
Then this morning he had set his alarm and was up and ready to go, actually asking me if we could get going, because he would like to be early today.

I just love his passion and fire for this. I know he is 7 years old and that he may change his mind about a million more times before he decides what he wants out of life, but then again he might not change his mind either. I am always proud of him win, lose or draw. As long as he attacks everything he does with total commitment and does his best, that is all I ask.

I am actually getting better at practicing what I preach on that front too. I am hard on myself and feel I have to do everything perfect. I am trying to teach myself how to accept that not everything I do may be perfect, if I do it to my best then I have done it well. Also have to practice that more with people in my life. I am trying to get better.

I am learning everyday .


  1. it's good to have passion!

  2. i would give you both gold medals.

  3. What a great kid, and you a great mom!

  4. From one wrestling mom to another, doesn't it make you so proud to hear those things.

    Love it!