Monday, July 02, 2007

wonderful....only begins the story

I just have to say, to have true true friends in your life is more then a blessing! The type of friend that is there for you ALL the time! Not just when they need you, not just when it is convenient for them. No that friend that will laugh with you when you need to laugh, listen to you when something goes wrong...even if it is not as bad as you think it is. But they will be there with you and say "that sucks!" That friend that you can do just about anything with, that friend that laughs with you, thinks you are funny, even when you aren't.
I got to spend two great days with that gal this weekend! Trish and I met 5 years ago and our friendship has been growing ever since. I have watched Trish grow, and I have been there for some of the rough times in her life. She has been there for me when I need to talk. We have had more times then I can remember that we just did sit down on the floor and laugh till we cryed and our bellies hurt!! We had some more great times this weekend, and got some time for us to just walk around Rehobotoh beach and enjoy some shopping. I loved showing her the town I call home once a year for a week. I loved that she loved it so much she pouted having to leave! I called her this morning and I think she was on the Internet looking for a hotel room for thurs and friday!!
I miss ya Trish!
In other beach news..the boys are just having the time of their lives right now. They have played, ate and slept their days away and can't get enough. I love it when they crash at night knowing they have given it a FULL day.
Did a little photo shot for Trish and her family, got some real keepers in the bunch!
Ok it is 5:00 *clink, clink*

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  1. Anonymous6:17 PM

    you have NO idea how much I miss you! The styrofoam cup of water and the broken chips have nothing on a cold beer and Thrashers with YOU! Surrender the booty my friend! We may make it down again for a day while you are there! the vinegar is calling! mean it - me