Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Who said cute isn't cool!

There comes a time in every boys life that you have to watch how much you use the word cute around them.

I have just been told that would by at 7 1/2!

BUT .....BUT.....I don't care that he will be smashing into other boys, or that he will be grunting and snarling.....

I don't care how many push ups he does, or how many times I hear the smashing of the pads....

He is still CUTE!!! Cute as a button, even behind that helmet I can see his blue eyes and that wonderful smile.

Yep the tallest bobble head on the team!

I just love this game, I love the gleam in Josh's eye, I love when he tells me tonight after 2 hours of practice..." I can't wait till tomorrow nights practice" "Football practice is the best thing in my life right now" I know that he loves everything he does, but he is truly in the moment that is football. I love that we share a passion for the game, he loves to sit and watch it on Sundays with me and that is beyond special to me.
Ok I know by season end you will have heard enough about football, but that is one thing I love to talk about, FOOTBALL!!
So I am outta here for the weekend, it is time for Scrappin Away Vacation time, 4 days and another wonderful time ahead. It is alot of work to put this together, get the store packed up and get it all to come together, but again love it! It was a bit harder this year as I am not fully recouped from last weekend yet....but I will get thru this, maybe even get some things created and I know the energy of the wonderful woman at the event will get me through! That and a few cups of caffeine a day!!

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  1. I have to say it too, he looks cute! Good luck on your weekend!