Monday, July 09, 2007

some leftovers....

How frigin cute is that! I love what you can find at the dollar store sometimes.

and we are back home! I love being back is just wonderful to be back to our very boring lifes. Well boring in the way of no drama, just the 5 of us (yes we include the 2 dogs).
Always great to see friends, but there is nothing like the security and love of our little family.

I don't have to wonder how much love I have from these two people. I can always get a hug and they both make me laugh more then anyone else can.
Today I took a little more time for Josh and I before hitting the grind tomorrow.
Josh started Wrestling camp today and he did so great. I really love the passion I see in him for this sport. It is amazing to watch this grow. He just smiles and loves learning, and there is alot to learn in this sport. It is amazing to me how much.
So we hung out today after camp at the local pool and it was a wonderful couple hours, since it was almost 100 degrees today and we don't have central air, it was a welcome cooling off.
Not much else going on here...needing sometime to get in my scrap studio, and undo the bomb that went off in there.....I need to find that person that keeps messing up my studio and hurt her!!


  1. please don't hurt her...I am kinda attached to her.............

  2. Anonymous11:28 PM

    don't you ever EVER change that header photo . . .so very awesome. love that one.