Monday, July 30, 2007

Exhaustion never felt so good.

Seems weird but it is so true.
All the preparing before, the setting up of the booth and then the actual show and it is gone in a flash it seems.
My eyelids were hurting as I sat at the store on Saturday night putting in the last of the orders from the convention. When midnight rolled around and that task was finished, I then drove the rental truck back, got an ice cold drink at Wawa and headed home. Collapsed on the couch and didn't awaken till morning.
Finally 2 days later and still feeling it a bit. But the best part...I have renewed energy inside.

It is hard to go thru the day in day out of owning a business. It can get to you in the summer months when it is a bit slower then the rest of the year. It seems no one is scrapbooking. The crop room is not buzzing with creativity as much as usual.

The remedy is GO to a Scrapbooking Convention!!!
Run don't walk, the hobby is alive. People are excited about what you have to offer, they are thirsty for creative mojo. They are happy, they want to talk about scrapbooking. It was just what the doctor ordered.

Now to get ready for a great weekend again, with 90 woman ready to get in a room and create for 4 days straight. Ready to have girlfriend time, to be inspired even more. Life is good!!

A HUGE, BIG , wonderful thanks to all that helped out this weekend, each of you made it even more special. People couldn't say enough good things about how much our customers and workers love mlpa and how they take pride that this is THEIR local scrapbook store. That just makes me beam! So rock on you ROCKSTARS!!! You know who you are!


  1. The whole CKC thing was a blast, very exhausting, but a blast. I'm sure we will get out mojo going this weekend at SAVE, can't wait to do some creative things and have some fun girlfriend time. See you Thursday.

  2. What a great weekend of shopping and girl time, had fun shopping at the Memory Lane booth!

  3. Congrats to mlpa on a successful show!!!

    It was a great weekend, with fun girl time!! Glad mlpa was a part of it!

  4. Kim B.11:40 AM

    Sure did have fun!!!

  5. can't wait to do it again next year!

  6. So glad I could help, I had a lot of fun!
    Gotta love that lil' scrapbook store and all you great girls too!

  7. You looked to be so in your element when I saw you at CKC on Friday! How nice to see others walking around the show in their black MLPA t-shirts too. One vendor commented that she had seen so many people wearing them! Was also nice to see your booth so packed that we couldn't get into it. What a great and exciting show! See you soon.