Friday, July 20, 2007


that was nice of all of you to stop by and wish us well on our anniversary! I really smiled as I read each one!
It really makes me warm and fuzzy whenever I know a friend is celebrating another year in a healthy loving relationship. It is a rare thing these days.

I have pulled up Kate's comment from the other day...cause it was the first time she has ever commented on my blog and I just was so proud of her!

Well I guess this is the moment you need one of those cute card that says "You know you work to many hours when: You forget what July 18th means (when asked I say it is not August 20th the day we meet so don't I get some points????When you call a coworker your son's name and his name is Joe not Josh oops!At least I did not do it to Mr. Bolgari (Bolivia sp? watches and Italian jewelry) who I met today in NY.When you mostly talk to your partner on the cell phone (not that it has not kept us in touch lately)Honey I love you and our life is so busy I too enjoy the few weekends our even the few hours we get to spend together!Love you and Happy 9th anniversary

Well it is Friday...long day here , Josh to camp, then it is off to the store from 10 am - 9 pm tonight. The joys of ownership, some days are long! The back room is filling up with boxes ready to go to CK Convention next week. My lists are growing tho, there is alot to do. Now it is down to finishing touches such as signs and the details that will mess you up if I don't take care of them.

This weekend is Josh's tourney in the Poconos. Sunday morning have him there at 8 am! It will be a great day to watch the Weaver team wrestle and hopefully the boys will do well. We will be spending time with our friends the Rush's so I know the day will be fun!

Well time to go pay some bills, get the day going and make today a better day! Have a wonderful weekend....and keep the drama in the T.V.

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