Monday, July 16, 2007

It's Monday again!

I feel like I haven't stopped.

Kate went for her sleep study last night, good news is she doesn't have to get the c pac thing. Bad news is the "snoring" will probably not get any better till the surgery in Oct to scrape out her sinus area and get rid of the scar tissue and polyps.

So I haven't seen her since 8 pm last night.

But we had a wonderful no frills weekend.

Saturday we got up at no appointed time, no where to go and nothing to do. I remember when I would have been so bored with that, but now I cherish those kind of days so much!

We did go and see the new Harry Potter was great as the other 4 have been. Josh and I also decided to watch all the other 4 on DVD this weekend. It was fun to watch them again and see somethings I hadn't seen before. Also realized I had missed the 2nd one all wonder I was lost a little!! So as Josh said it was a "Harry" weekend.

Now I did the movie watching doing some cleaning in my crop room....boy did it need it! I had just piled things in there, thrown things in there. I had enough daisy bags to supply the store again! But now it is all organized for the most part. I actually even scrapped about 3 pages over the weekend. A few finishing touches and I should be able to share soon.
I actually committed to scrapping some pictures that I had cropped about 3 years ago. I used to be a chronological scrapper... pre The Big Picture Book by Stacy Julian. I have pulled these pictures out a few times and just put them back. Well this weekend I finally pulled them out and put them on a page. It looks nothing like what I had in mind when I cropped them, but it was fun to see where I have gone since then.

Sunday was all about being together, but everyone doing their own thing too. Kate and I both took time out of our things to do things with Josh. Still dealing with a little bit of an attitude when Mom... aka ME , beats him at anything. Kate is actually not that great at alot of games so Josh can usually beat her. He would rather do that then play me alot of times.

So wrestling camp today then the bank, grocery store and home to fix dinner. Hopefully Kate will make it home so I can go get my hair cut.

It was a wonderful weekend, I miss my family....even tho we are together almost everyday, I miss these kinda weekends.


  1. glad to hear Kate's sleeps study ok. can't wait for hp and the deathly hollows to hit the bookstores!

  2. I'm also glad to hear that Kate's sleep study went well, but it's too bad about the snoring.

    Since my kids are all older, I didn't read the Harry Potter books or see the movies. I feel like I'm really missing something.