Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy 5th!

The biggest wiener on the beach at the Purple Parrot

Nothing like riding a good wave!

Awesome dude!

The bike ride home.


Awesome summer memories!

Grandma and Josh!

Connie and the boys!

We had a little scare that our fireworks might get rained out.
We have been coming to RB for 8 years now and never had that happen, so we were holding out hope. Well we watched another great fireworks show!!
Today we hung out at the house, then went to the beach later in the afternoon, the waves were awesome and the boys got some boogie boarding in. The wind was so wicked, after getting sandblasted a few times we decided to go on the boardwalk , and the boys played some mi nature golf. Then it was home for a BBQ and back to the beach later for the fireworks.
Connie and the boys are enjoying their time with us, and we love having them. I think the boys are sad they are leaving tomorrow, but we have already lined up a few play dates over the summer for all of them.

I have enjoyed watching Josh with the twins, they have all got together so well. It makes me sad sometimes knowing he will not have a sibling. So I am glad to know he will have great friends, and I hope these two boys stay in his life for a very long time.
I am in such vacation mode. I haven't even called the store this week, that is a major thing for me. I know Christina is probably laughing at me right now. I have tried to be good, cause I know when I get back in there on Tuesday it is going to be non stop for the next 2 months. We have so much planned.
Well it is time to go and set up for the beach, have some thrasher's fries and maybe a visit to the Candy Kitchen.


  1. Anonymous1:22 PM

    We were worried about you, heard the weather in Bethany was really windy.

    Anyway, didja get some Parrot Poop? I'd brush my teeth with that junk if I could.

    True story. I've never waited in line for Thrashers' fries. Never had the patience. Never wanted to fight a seagull for the last one, either. But, mmm...Candy Kitchen. You'l be singing that stupid jingle for weeks! "Can-dee Kit-chen! It's the Can-dee Kit-chen!"

  2. Anonymous10:07 PM

    hey love bug! miss you tons! Weather sucks here wish I was there! you should see my nose! Guess I forgot it...

    still looking for things to put my vinegar on that will come close to Thrashers...not a darn thing comes close! see you soon! T

  3. you have so many awesome photos!!!!

    LOVE candy kitchen!!!