Monday, July 23, 2007

Champion Day!

This group of boys won the championship yesterday at the "Battle in the mountains" A team tourney. There were 7 teams there, and our guys as a team defeated each of them. All the other teams lost to at least one team. Josh did two exhibition matches, losing his first by a score of 4-3 and then winning his 2nd in a PIN!

One thing I was so impressed with, with these boys on the Weaver elite team, is no matter who you are, your ability or how you did on the mat....they all were there for one another as a TRUE team. They have been learning...not only have they been learning wrestling moves so they can be better wrestlers, these coaches have been teaching them sooooooooo much more.

I know as a sports parent we are sometimes looked at as someone who just brags about our child winning awards, and this is so far from the truth. That is the end result that you see us talk about, but the road to someone becoming a champion is so much more to me. I love the growth, the maturity and the ideals that Josh has been developing thru these sports. I have a little boy that is not only taught those values at home, but also it is reinforced out there by his coaches.

I would pull Josh out of a place where I didn't see this in the coach, and actually have already confronted a coach that I didn't agree with. I will always be the one looking out for Josh.

So it was a great day, long ....but at the end of the day when we were down 2-1 in the last match and the young boy turned it around and got 3 points for Weaver Elite...As I saw each one of our boys jumping up with the excitement they was a great day to be a witness to.


  1. Congrats!
    Wrestling builds character and it is so great that the coaches reinforce that!

    Way to go, Josh!

  2. Congrats to Josh- that is awesome news...

  3. Marlene10:16 PM

    Congrats, Josh! Keep up the great work!

  4. Alex Foreman8:51 AM

    Great job Josh!

  5. Woohoo!! Congrats!!

    Sounds like a really great coach!