Friday, July 06, 2007

the end is near!

The Mission: To win the Giant prizes in the games.
Time for the "Trade UP "
I think Josh is ready......but Kate does win!

Ahhhhhhhh! Margaritas!!!

Happy feet! Hermit crabs, prizes and smiles!

Saying goodbye to Rehoboth Beach!

The Booty! They all worked together to win the prizes!

I kinda missed this, our cuddle time. Having his buddies here all week there wasn't alot of this. Oh they grow up too darn fast. I always knew I wanted him to have buddies at the shore, and hopefully there will always be one that can come down for the week at Rehoboth. So you can feel it in the air, our last full day is here. It is sad in away, because it is just so great to relax and chill and just not have any plans....just letting the day happen. It is also a happy day, I look forward to going home seeing Cody and Cricket....being in our home back to just "us". I miss having my scraproom right around the corner, I like to have that near me. I feel a little creative mojo coming and hopefully I can stick to my plan and actually make sometime to do this. Again with the balance thing....I will get there.

So as I sign off from Rehoboth for another year. I have to say this was a pretty cool week. We had lots of people come and go. Last night just the 6 of us were sitting here and we all felt the house was so empty. It was funny. Can't wait till next year, it is so great to have this to look forward to!


  1. look at all those prizes!

    hope you had the best time ever!!

  2. lisaf9:08 PM

    looks like everyone had fun - wish i was there!