Saturday, September 08, 2007


ahhhhhhhhh Summer! Crab feast and a fruity drink.

That is coming to and end, and altho I love those things about summer, I must admit I am more of a fall girl. I LOVE the colors of fall, I love not sweating the minute you get out your door. I love sweaters and just the whole settling in thing. Routine comes with fall.

So just a simple entry today, and wanted to ask you.....What is your favorite season and why?


  1. Marlene5:47 PM

    Like you, my favorite season is autumn. Why? I love the colors, the cooler, crisp weather....and sweater season. I love the smell of burning leaves. I love that it brings us closer to Christmas, too. (Yes, I said it!)

  2. Why did I click on your blog? I am hungry and that just looks so gosh darn good!! Mmmmm

    I love fall too, the colors, the crispness, mmmmm!!

  3. Yum! I had my once a year crab feast last weekend. My favorite season is fall also, love the warm colors the smell of pumkin pike and apples.

  4. I would have said autumn, but after seeing that delectable dish on your blog, I think I'm gonna say summer!!!!mmm-mmm, any leftovers??

  5. Fall. The colors, the coziness, the fun. All my babies were born in the fall. I got married in the fall. My dh's birthday is in the fall... apples. Picking apples. Canning apples, baking apples...and Marlene is right, it brings us to the traditions and festiveness of christmas!!

  6. Well, leave it to me...There are things I love and hate about them all, I love the silence of Winter, right after the snow falls and no one is out yet, but I hate shoveling! I love the colors, smells and crispness of fall, but it is a really small window between the hot of summer and the cold of winter, and fall allergies suck!! I love the crocus and dafodils coming up on a cool spring morning, but I hate all the rain! And I love sitting on the beach listening to the waves but I hate the headaches the heat gives me. I lived in California and Brazil for several years growing up so I did without season change for a while. not something I ever want to do again! Decorating the christmas tree in your bathing suit is fun once...but just not the same as picking it out in the snow!

    sorry you asked? Now I want to do a page and I am stuck here at work! PLLLLBBBBB! me

  7. Anonymous11:02 AM


    Love the heat. Love the no school. Love the super-long days. Love the sound of crickets and the blinking of lightnin' bugs at night. Love taking a deep breath of sultry humid air and smelling the freshly-cut grass.

    Love the feel of warm sand and the sun on my skin. Love the smell of my Bain de Soleil, or Banana Boat lotions. Love the taste of the salty ocean, especially since the temperature got to 78 degrees for a whole week! Love my,(now fading,) killer tan, the vitamin D that I'll miss all winter.

    That's it. That's the list

  8. i have to go with spring. usually i'm so over winter that I can't wait for Spring! Love the bright colors and the slightly warmer weather!