Monday, September 03, 2007

Give me a "D"

That was the word of the day! We won 18-6 and the boys were playing their hearts out again!
I just love watching these guys, there is so much team in them. There are none of them that are
full of themselves, they congratulate one another all the time, they love it no matter who makes
the play. They work together, and I have never seen so many gang tackles. They are there for
one another all the time. The parents are on the side line cheering , hollering each kids name.
They are a great group of people. The coaches are some of the best guys I have ever met, and
they are great positive male role models for each one of these boys. It is so great to be a part of
something this wonderful. The rest of the world disappears for that couple hours each weekend.

Highlights for Josh, he got to try his halfback didn't work but it will sometime. Got a
great picture of him getting ready to throw! Also I love hearing parents ask "Does he have built
in radar" commenting on how Josh is always in the action, wherever the ball is. Josh also got to
be one of the team captains this week.

In other news....Happy Labor day! I loved having this extra day today before starting the
routine of school and fall coming. I can feel it in the air. As much as I love summer, getting back
slower pace is what the doctor ordered right now. To go to just 2 nights a week of football
practice, to start cooking homemade meals again a couple days a week, to just slow down to
a regular pace is going to be nice. I am a fall kinda girl. I love the colors of the season and also
that it is ok not to be outside as much as you have a chance to be. I like the cooler weather and
enjoying a bit more time scrapbooking. Today we also had a nice BBQ with our friends the
Rush's. The twins came over and played with Josh all afternoon and we talked with D and C all
afternoon. It was relaxing and a nice way to end the summer.

So tomorrow that great big yellow monster comes to get him again. He seems ready for it, I on
the other hand have a few anxiety filled moments left in me. Wondering if he and his teacher
will click. Will he make new friends,(knowing his two best buddies aren't in his class). Will he like
learning all the new things, will it be hard for him? Will he need more help with his speech? Will
he have fun? OY!!! STOP!!!!

I know he will just amaze me again and again. I know he will figure this all out without my help.
Maybe that is what is scary too, that he doesn't need me as much as I need him. He is my
champion, my blessing.

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  1. What amazing pictures, lets see a LO with those!