Sunday, September 02, 2007

new toy is home...

Well it is home, the new Cricut Expression! I can't wait to play :)

This is the GREATEST bug ever! I love being able to have it.

It is still in it's box right now, but I already have several projects in mind using this bug.

But today is FOOTBALL day!! We have a game at Marsh Creek at 4 pm. I was at the field last night doing my volunteer part and running the snack stand, and one of Josh's coaches stopped by. He told me Josh would probably be playing almost every play at the game since we were going to be short on little guys. We have a couple on vacation, a couple that might not make the weight requirement, and poor David is injured from practice on Thursday. He jammed his thumb back and sprained it, OUCH!! So we are bringing the video camera today for the game. ALtho Kate has not been the best video taker in the past, she is going to try again today and if there is some good footage I will share it here :)

It was fun last night doing the grilling at the snack stand. It is a volunteer organization, so when Kim asked if I could cover her when she needed to be at her son's games I stepped up. Big thanks goes out to Kate last night who was my right hand, doing the hotdogs and the fryed food. We were a well oiled machine and it was great to work together having fun! I slept like a rock last night after working at the store 10-6 and then the snack stand till 10 pm , but it was all good and a great productive day!

So not much exciting here this week, Life is going , lots of football and it is just beautiful weather!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day today, get outside and enjoy something. Pretty soon we will be looking at bare trees and the white stuff!


  1. sounds like you guys have a full weekend! I hope Josh has a great game today!

  2. oooh, love that big bug!!! Have fun playing!!

    Sounds like a busy fun weekend!!

    Hope to see you at the store this week!