Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday quarterback

Mondays are my day to recharge, get things done that I can't get done any other day. Volunteer at Josh's school and generally clean things up.

I also take Monday's to reflect on the past week, make list of the week ahead and catch up a bit with people I haven't been able to during the week.

Today I also thought I would start something I have wanted to do for a while. I want to send a thank you card to someone every monday. I have really got some WONDERFUL people in my life. I think so often we focus on the negative in life, and it is so easy to forget all the wonderful things that are in our life everyday. I want to focus more on the those things, and those people in my life, more then the people that make me sad, angry, and those that make you lose your faith in people.

Sometimes what seems as the worst thing that could happen, turns out to give you inner peace, and you also find that you are going to be just fine. Friends, true friends are also there when you least expect it. There is nothing like a friend that is there for you. So today as I look over the past week, month, year, and even the last 5 years. .....It is all good, and I am thankful I am here to experience every moment of it.

So take a minute, grab a card or a piece of paper and write someone you know a little note of thanks!


  1. Anonymous6:29 PM

    wohoo . . a reason to check my mailbox for something other than bills on a tuesday . . . just kidding! you have wonderful friends in your life . . . it's a good thing there's 52 weeks in a year!

  2. Thank you! (((HUGS))

  3. Kim B.10:13 AM

    That is a great idea and I'm going to do that too!

  4. Some day I want to be a grown up just like YOU! you never cease to amaze me! mean it! xoxo - me

    PS - speaking of Grace...did you see her 50 Y.O. heiney on TV last night? If I could only be so lucky!