Sunday, September 23, 2007

Just what I needed

Not sure most would agree, but volunteering yesterday for 13 hours gave me just what I needed!
It just put everything in perspective for me.

Sometimes in our lives we put ourselves in these little capsules, we get ourselves very involved in certain things and they start to consume our lives.

It gets so deep that it controls everything around you.

I hate that I have to keep learning some lessons over again, the ones that involve people mostly. I keep trying out this trust thing, it keeps slapping me in the face. But I won't stop trying. I have found it in some people. Not alot, but some.

I haven't felt so exhausted as I did last night at 10 pm in a very long time. But I also have not felt so good about being exhausted in as much time.

I was around some of the most wonderful people yesterday, people I have been getting to know because we all share the same love...our children. We want to make a great organization for our kids to learn about sports, teamwork and commitment.

I was with "my people" I was with people that give so much of their time without complaint. I was with people that make me laugh, people that don't judge, people that make me feel good about the human race, and people that actually listen to you when you talk.

These people aren't the ones that never have time to give their time. We all need those people that give their money, but we need more people that also give of their time, of their hearts. That get in there and are the doers. Those are the ones that make things run, work and are why things happen.

So today back to it again, and then to cap off the weekend I get to watch my wonderful son play football. I must do this more often. I will do this more often. Life is good, and thru all the darkness the light is only a blink away.

Go Greenjackets!!

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  1. Sounds like you needed that day yesterday!! Glad it was good for you!