Friday, September 28, 2007

the day is coming!!

When this little guy will know more then me....and it is coming too fast! Not that he doesn't already think he knows more then me!

I just signed Josh up for Spanish classes.....I took french in high school, but don't remember anything.

I can't believe at 7 he is going to start learning another language. It just continues to amaze me all the great things he is getting to experience. It is a program after school for 12 weeks.

I can't wait to see what he learns. I think it is so wonderful and it is very important today to be able to communicate beyond the English language.


  1. William did this last year, I have to say...-really cute! He came home every night and tried to pass what he had learned on to his little brother. Between William and Sesame Street, Patrick can already count to 10 and say quite a few words in Spanish. It IS so much fun to watch them grow! Trish

  2. That is awesome, now is the time to learn. So much easier. I took French in HS and college and can't hardly speak a lick of it.

  3. It is amazing how smart kids are!!

    I took 5 years of French (my great grandfather was from France. I wanted to minor in French in college, but I couldn't fit it in with my nursing curriculum! I can't remember too much these days!